Worship Without Songs or Instruments or a Dance

For a while we have been learning that worship is all about glorifying God, bringing honour, magnifying God. Worship means to honor God, respect God, to exalt God, to serve, to bless God, to prostrate, to sacrifice or give, to be in submission, to bow down and also to adore.

Worship is all about glorifying God that is the simplest definition we can put, but we have seen as well that singing is a form of worship. Singing, dancing and playing instruments is a form of expressing our worship to God.  It is not the whole worship but a form, a way to express our worship to God.

In the body of Christ today people believe that the 3 praise and 3 worship songs we sing along on a Sunday service is worship. We are satisfied with just 30 minutes of singing along 6 songs and we say that is worship. Think about this a day has 24 hours and a week has 168 hours, so for the 168 hours in our week we only worship for 30 minutes a week. What will we be giving God for the rest of the week?

If there are no instruments, we do not worship. “If Tim my favorite worship leader is not there I don’t worship”. Come on grow up! So you worship God because of Tim, the Almighty God, and our Creator 30 minutes in a 168 hour week because of Tim. To some that’s worship, so if you are worshipping God on a Sunday so what are you giving God from Monday to Saturday, Grief or a prayer list? Think about it.

The first time we see instruments coming into mainstream worship in Israel is when Miriam takes a tambourine and sings a song to God in Exodus 15:20 And Miriam the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand; and all the women went out after her with timbrels and with dances”. Think about this, how did Adam and Eve worship in the garden; they neither had instruments or dances. I don’t know if they had songs. The point is God is worshipped even without instruments, dances and even songs. God is glorified more by a life that walks in Holiness, a life that sacrifices its live to make sure that God is lifted up. How Abraham, Lot, Jacob and Esau how did they worship God in their time. Their lives offered up God worship more than just songs.

Look to the start of this article, Worship means also to serve God, worship also is to show reverence that is living a life of humility and submission to His will. Worship is also seen in just surrendering your life even without singing a song, surrendering your heart, life and will to God, that is worship without words and it blesses God more than the songs we sing absent minded.

Worship is purpose of mankind and don’t get me wrong singing, dancing and instruments are a way to express our worship and I love it as well. I am a worship leader, dancer and percussionist. What I am against is taking the worship we do in church as worship. “Hey I am a worshipper because I can sing beautifully”, one girl said to me after asking her why she wants to join a choir but then her life didn’t even show God that she worshipper. Worship in church should just add on top of our worship which we offer daily.

Worship is not just singing, worship is also a life that has chosen to be set apart to bless God. If you understand this then worship to you will come beyond words. Worship is bigger and greater that singing. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what worship is and once learned. Worship God rightfully and bring him glory always


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