William McDowell – Sounds of Revival II

Pst William McDowell its crazy some people don’t know that he is full time pastor at Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando Florida. This is William McDowell’s 5th album, 13 Tracks that just blend & carry a message of chasing after God & desiring a deeper place with God.  Some of the people to feature on the album are Israel Houghton, Tina Campbell, Nicole Binion, Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds and many more.

My favorite songs, that one songs I can’t seem to get pass & I keep repeating that song over and on this album it not just one song “You Are Here” a bold declaration of our belief that when He is called He inhabits the praises of His people and this is the space so take control and also “Falling on my Knees” for me this song is about the postures of our lives not just physically but also in our hearts

Nor forgetting “Whisper His Name” this song no matter how many times one just keeps calling the name of Jesus you don’t get bored over and over.

I hope that some recording artists are talking notes on songs arrangement and how do you carry people to a place of crying for God, bringing them to his face and then allowing them to bask in His presence then celebrate him in the end.  When you listen to the album one thing that stands out is flow, from one song to another but across also across the album.

One thing about William McDowell is that he has a sound, a different sound quite unique sound even when u look at the all his album this cry for more & a cry for God unlike others. The recurring theme in the whole album is just that call to Jesus, a call to that love and passion for Him.

Everything we need, is here
In your presence
Everything we need, is here
In your presence, Jesus

Meet every need unspoken
Heal every broken hearts
Lift every burden
In your presence Jesus
Restore what has been stolen
Speak peace to every storm
Let there be freedom
In your presence, Jesus

Wait let me just make you listen to it….

Album length: 01:07:29

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1 Prelude to Worship

2 In Your Presence (feat. Israel Houghton)

3 In Your Presence (Reprise)

4 Whisper His Name

5 The Name of the Lord

6 I’m Yours (feat. Jonathan Stockstill & Brian Courtney Wilson)

7 Falling on My Knees

8 You Are Here

9 Sweet Mystery (feat. Nicole Binion & Jonathan McReynolds)

10 You Are the One (feat. Charles & Taylor)11 Come to Jesus (feat. Tina Campbell)

12 It Is So (feat. Travis Greene)

13 It Is So (Reprise)

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