Whatever Happened to Brokeness Within Worshippers

“You shall make it a perfume, a confection after the art of confectionary, tempered together pure and holy and thou shall beat some of it and put it very small before the testimony in the tabernacle of the congregation…” Exodus 30:35


Worship is the main ingredient, main foundation, major requirement and also major standing that is offered by a man with a brokenness of heart. Worship is centre hood of God, it’s the heart of God and therefore it requires a broken heart to connect us to Him.


Brokenness of heart look like a small matter, but it is the determining factor. In Exodus 35 Moses was told to mix a pure and holy perfume which is worship. Its main ingredient was to beat down to make the perfume strong and effective. When a heart is broken it oozes out with love, honor, reverence, fear and knowledge of God. It’s the brokenness of your heart that will take you deeper to the very heart of God.


“A broken and contrite heart, O God you will not despise” Psalms 51:17


A broken and contrite heart according to the Roget’s Thesaurus it is a penitent, humbled, repentant, abject, softened, touched and a melted heart. God is looking for such worship to come from such hearts, hearts full of honour, full of reverence, love respect and knowledge of who God is. Worship from a broken heart gets god attention on always anytime, anyplace anywhere.


The perfume that smells is that which is in a bottle, but the perfume that affects the whole room is a broken bottle of perfume just like the alabaster flask which was broken before Jesus, it meant more to god than anything else.

That’s the main ingredient of worship a broken and a contrite heart is what god is looking for, brokenness is the centre of God’s attention

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