The Waiting Room – Trip Lee Album Review

The Waiting Room is Trip’s 6th, 10 track Mixtape. Real name is William Lee Barefield III the 29-year-old Rapper, Pastor, Writer and a founder member of the 116 clique dropped the mixtape a few months ago and still the album still getting me like crazy.

One person saw me playing the album and He said this “this album is so dope”, my response was what did love about it and he was like “the beats that Trip dropped” I felt like telling him that you lost the whole plot of the mixtape. When you start listening to the mixtape you will realise that Trip is taking you on a journey through some of the struggles in his life, He actually gets real with his personal struggles and the things that He goes through I guess that’s why He called it Waiting Room.

As you listen to the 40 minute deluge of pure work one thing stands out especially with all Trip’s albums is that they are like wine the more you listen the more thy become sweeter and better, you usually don’t get the plot at get go but the more you listen the more you learn about the journey Trip’s journey in faith through The Waiting Room.

As usual I always have two tracks that I comment in an album my “best track” and what “was he thinking track”. For the best one Unashamed ft Tedashii is my best, I believe the lines by Trip tripped me up big time when Tedashi came they buried me and I was sold to it by then and IDK (I Don’t Know) ft Dimitri McDowell here is why IDK for me stands out is because I can relate to Trip on this one big time

I threw my prayers to the ceiling
But I feel like you don’t get them for so long
You ain’t been there when I’m slipping
You seem indifferent while I sit here alone
Why don’t you care how I’m feeling?
I’m doubting, ’bout to be dipping ’cause you gone
Why should I wait for your healing?
You ain’t gon make me the villain in this song

IDK I Don’t Know is just one awesome rhetorical song but then my little brother Victor is like Too Cold fan and I was like what’s up with Too Cold that makes it ice as cold and my brother calls it then I listened to its words and

We gon weather any weather
Won’t fall down in no pressure
I want my ego below zero
When I’m humble I’m better
Boy they sick, get stretchers
This cold world will come get you
We still fly with no feathers
They’ll pull you down if you let them
The clique froze
I don’t mean ice on the wrist though
I mean we ain’t changing, to get dough
Cold don’t mean we ain’t lit though

Don’t tell me that it doesn’t tickle your ears or the lines mess up with your belief of God. Somehow it grew on me this song because of my brother. As for what was Trip thinking song for me I would say it would be Money Up

All in all the album starts on a with low tempo songs and then slowly gathers momentum and then come back but before it closes you will love the power of acoustics with well written lyrics of Trip’s struggle with chronic fatigue in Longer ft. India Shawn.

The Waiting Room is a mixtape full of expression of art, music and well-written lyrics.

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