The Discipline of Worship

Psalm 27: 8 Good News

When you said, “Come worship me,”
I answered, “I will come, Lord.”

While our whole lives are meant to be an act of worship, the discipline of worship depends DIRECTLY on us – not on the worship leader; nor on anyone or anything else for that matter! Worship is meant to be the highlight of our lives; not a Sunday morning “at least I went to church and I feel good about myself” act.

Jesus said “come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” (Matt.11:28). Here Jesus wasn’t saying when you’re weary and burdened on a Monday, wait until Sunday then come to Me in a church building. He was saying “Right where you are, approach Me!” (Read John 4:23-24). First you have to start associating worship with yourself personally; not with a building, or a certain individual – the latter being the worst case scenario, because it’s idolatry (an abomination in the eyes of God!).

But then again, even if you do wait until Sunday for your worries and burdens to be lifted, you may find yourself refreshed and rested to an extent…BUT. Does that last you until the next Sunday? Unfortunately, many of us may answer “No” to that question. WHY then…since worship is meant to give us rest for our souls, joy in our salvation and lift our eyes to God who made us and loves us unconditionally.

The reason is that BEFORE you associate worship with anyone else (worship leader, your friend, the pastor, etc) or anything else (the church building, etc), you have to associate it with yourself as an individual – your own personal worship. See, when Jesus calls us, it’s often a PERSONAL call, before it becomes a PRIVATE one. Have you been coming to Jesus often lately; did you go to Him yesterday, how about today…will you make it tomorrow? Jesus is saying “Don’t wait for Sunday. Come to me TODAY and EVERYDAY!”

The reason for the title of my post is because often times, many don’t feel uplifted or joyful when we think of going to church. Our mindsets already have associations of all kinds than Jesus, because from Monday to Saturday we haven’t been associating with Him (coming to Him in private worship). How will we be able to turn a 6-day association that we’ve missed in 2 hours or less at Sunday morning worship?

If we spend enough time with Jesus in our private worship, many of the things that steal our joy in our corporate worship won’t be issues after all (I don’t like the song, her/his voice isn’t that great, the stage isn’t set well, I don’t like the worship leader, etc), because He will be busy teaching us His qualities (Mercy, compassion, grace, love, etc) that we’ll look at our bretheren the same way He does – we will see Christ in another’s eye instead of seeing them in the eyes of the flesh. Every day we could be making the Jericho walls of our lives fall, in private worship that more walls will fall every Sunday when engage in corporate worship.

The question the “Discipline of worship” is asking is, “When Jesus calls us to Him daily in private worship, will we go to Him…will we be there, or miss the appointment?” If we can go, for our own private worship, then we will even be more excited to go for the corporate worship, because we will fix our eyes on Him, in giving Him joy for our strength (Nehem.8:10).

What now? Time for some introspection before you get all drained up by “just another Sunday morning service”. BEFORE you go there, Jesus is saying “Come to Me!” In your own home, make it a habit of meeting Jesus, daily! Look at your daily life in totality – are there some things that are taking your appointment time with Jesus? (That TV programme you JUST can’t live without, that last text that just rang in your phone that you JUST have to read, etc?) What I’m about to tell you won’t surprise you: Jesus is more important that all of those things!..He will give you rest that all those things combined can’t give you; and if you can give up those things for an appointment with Jesus, THAT is the discipline of worship!


Ndivhuwo Matodzi 

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