Talking Christian Hip Hop #CHH, Raps, Bars and God’s Calling With Zadzasai GIL Chikwanyanga

When you meet him in person, He is a humble soft spoken & relaxed guy but you wouldn’t know that he is a music producer and also a rapper whose stage name is GIL (God is Love) real name Zadzisai Chikwanyanga. I once asked myself why would a young man like him have such a stage name GIL, this week I had a chance to sit with the artist Talking about God, Christian Hip Hop and God’s Love.

TW: What has been the one thing that brought you to Christ?

GIL: I would say the love of God that is what drove me to switch it up on the mic. Thinking about it alone (love of God) gives me an extra dose of power to move forward with his mission


TW: How do you prepare spiritually for a show or event?

GIL: I do a lot of rehearsals at least an hour or so 3 days prior but what I value the most is prayer time. I make sure I do that every time after I rehearse,

Sometimes I just worship, sometimes I have quiet times meditating and there is a certain song I always listen to when I was rehearsing called Wonder by BETHEL CHURCH off their album “You Make Me Brave” the words always remind me of my position as a minister and not to lose the relationship and passion l had for God from the beginning to follow God and never to be diverted by external forces.


TW: Why did you choose to focus Christian Hip Hop?

GIL: Hip-hop is one of the most powerful tools of influence in the world and me being a Christian who is passionate about young people I felt a need to neutralise the poison that hip-hop has injected in society. Starting with those in church then spreading as far as possible it might sound the same but the words will pierce and definitely transform, convict and mentor those who give it a chance. There is no other genre with that much influence on young people like Hip Hop so I use it as a vehicle to speak God Love.


TW: Do you believe God calls you to be a minister using Hip Hop?

GIL: Absolutely God calls people depending with the need in a specific area and with me it was like that. I wasn’t even sure what calling is but it was made clear to me after I got into serving God.

I have had encounters with the Lord, powerful testimonies, dreams, visions just to mention a few and that brought such an assurance that God is in these raps, bars and good beats but above all this the evidence of true calling is results, the fruits. Whenever there is a call God is obliged to act that’s why we cant separate fruits from calling that’s the only measure the calling of a man.


TW: You a quiet chilled and relaxed man but you are an amazing artist and producer. What sets you apart in the industry?

GIL: I would say being true to what you say, not a lot of people preach what they have experienced with the word in song ad life, most its just a sermon or direct copying and pasting of scriptures which is not bad but if we are looking for a great move of God we must allow the word to work is us.

Let the mystery of the word be revealed through revelation.

Production is one of the easiest things for me to do I’m grateful to God for such a gift. I’ve always tried to be unique with all my beats to at least add one or two elements that sets me apart from the other producers but I believe being humble, real and staying hungry.

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