This article was written by Tommy Tush

1. If you are to lead worship, lead worship don’t preach about worship or start a teaching session on worship. If you are there to lead a special song, don’t start explaining the song or preaching. When you sing the song, we will get the message. If you are there to back up, don’t start ad-libs for the lead singer. Follow the lead singer, don’t try to show us you know the song more than the lead. You are an instrumentalist.

Except that’s how it was rehearsed, the job of leading is for the worship leader or lead singer. Don’t continually start playing songs on your instrument for the singer to sing. Let the lead singer be in charge.

2. Little things can become big clogs. The gossip, the little grudge in your heart can be a hindrance to your ministrations becoming effective. Don’t go up stage when you know you are not free to look eyeball to eyeball with a fellow human. Understand That the music is not the focus of the service. It’s Simply a part in God’s ultimate plan for the service. So flow in line with other units. Align yourself with what your pastor wants to achieve in s service.

3. Focus on meeting needs of people. Pray that each strike on the instrument and each sound from your voice will meet those needs. Tailor your music to meet needs and people will always desire to listen to you. It’s a privilege to sing in the choir.
Handle it with care. Whatever you are given to do, do with all your passion. Nothing is too small. Sing and play like you will die if you don’t. Many people are dying to be where you take with levity. Don’t get too used to that stage that it becomes routine to you weekly.

4. You can BE BLEEDING and still keep on LEADING. Many times you have to forget your own needs and minister or play to meet the needs of others. Don’t carry your troubles on your face, everyone has theirs. Don’t bring your issues to the face of the people. Put aside your issues, serve others and see your own needs met.

Don’t refuse to sing or play because you have a problem you are dealing with. That’s where maturity sets in. We don’t serve God because everything is all right. We serve Him whether they are or not

5. Your choir may not look like what you want it to be yet. But remember to always see yourself there and speak into the future. If you continue to call your choir members dullards, mediocre, lazy. They will always turn out to be that. As much as you are working hard rehearsing and training them, confess what you want to see not what you see.


Any choir can put up a Grammy or stellar act at a yearly concert. You can hire singers and instrumentalists and give a show. But the weekly routine of your choir and how you sing on the weekly service days shows the real nature of your choir. So don’t take the services for granted. Sing like the world is watching. Play like the world is watching. Because indeed, we have a cloud of witness watching how we run our race.

Don’t wait till there is a concert or a guest minister coming before you minister well. That’s EYE SERVICE..!!!


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