Rating Our Worship

Today we base our worship according to how powerful it was, how deep it was or how awesome it was. We have created our own way of rating worship based on our experiences more than any things else.
In the process of rating and having a way to measure the depth and the awesomeness of our worship we have kinda lost the heart of worship. Are we still driven with the heart to connect and experience God or we are now governed by the time that church starts or ends or by our work and family schedules.
We are using a system of the world to rate what God is doing, I saw this picture and this became apparent,¬†“Lord , by thy favour thou hast made my mountain to stand strong: thou didst hide thy face, and I was troubled”,¬†Psalm 30:7 KJV
My question today is that do we even know when God’s face is hidden from us. David say that when your face is covered from me, I’m troubled and this got me thinking how many of us worship leaders and worshipers
1. Know the face of God
2. Know when God’s face is hidden from us
But even before we talk about the face of God, do we even know the presence of God, do we even recognize it. David could recognize that the face of God wasn’t there because he knew the face before. Do we know or recognize his presence at least, to know when it present and when it’s not present.
So if we are rating our worship according to depth, awesomeness or power should we as worship leaders know that the we should be looking to connect man with God, to prepare a place for Him to converse and connect with all the Worshippers that would have gathered.
Our focus is put not to rate our worship our worship would be to spend time and connect with the maker more than anything. To allow God to move and touch his people all around, to allow God to break forth into people’s love to allow God to minister to each and every person as we worship.
Someone once said if the Holy Spirit was to walk into the room will you notice him. Let’s focus on knowing his presence and his face more than anything. Let’s Him be the focus and prize of our worship more than anything in our lives.


  1. “But even before we talk about the face of God, do we even know the presence of God”…(I quote).

    This is a big deal!…If Words in His Word would jump and be alive in our spirit-man, Words such as “Almighty, Consuming Fire, Loves like a hurricane…” etc, will be so unhidden in our nature that awe of Him will just overflow. If this isn’t the case, is maybe the flesh-man (that cannot fathom His attributes) so alive that the spirit-man (that longs for His Presence) is suffocated under the unbroken “self”?

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