Let’s Make It Happen

Its 2019 

Its been over 3 years I guess since I last actually wrote a full article to actually upload on the website Its crazy that even in the season I never got a heart or even the passion to write anything or scribble notes down.

My biggest challenge in life is becoming a hypocrite. We have people who speak, talk and don’t even live that which they speak do as I say not as I Do. What I say and what I do has to mean much to the person who hears it because we should live what we say and what we speak about.

One thing I found being away from this blog was that keeping the blog alive kept my spirit alive. When I stopped uploading the blog I stopped growing and just lived. So I’m back again to write in my crazier way, to be real and that we all have a great 2019 as worshippers.


  1. Welcome back, was actually talking about you just yesterday

    1. Great then God is good then..

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