Is Our Worship Making A Difference?

Looking at people faces they tell a lot of things as I walk on the streets. Some are full of anger, other betrayal, pain, agony, hurt some stress and who knows what people are going through. One thing I know is that some blame God, some have taken responsibility for it all and others blame somebody else.
These people with all this junk in their trunks all come into the presence of God where they are meant to find relief and they get dryness and no sight of God. May we create worship experiences that God dwells in and all these things melt away at his presence. A place where sin, pain, healing, grace and mercy is released from and into their lives My heart is that people and meet God alone who can deal with all these things.
Counseling sessions help but only God can eradicate all they are going through.
They walk to churches, meetings, conference, seminars, worship nights and they leave the same. May we learn as worshippers to carry his presence daily and may we direct them to the place where God is.

Someone once said that the world is hurting and only God can change that and as Worshippers we have the privilege of bringing God to people.
Our present places, lives, worship and worship leading is it directing people to those places where they meet with God.
Our worship may it soak and marinate the heavens that the He may dwell in our praise and inturn meet with his people us included.

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