In Becoming A Strong Worshipper or Worship Leader

Exodus 19 Is one of my old time favorites chapter where God calls Moses to gather the children of Israel and set them apart to meet him. As I read the chapter this scripture also stood out “And said unto them, Ye are the chief of the fathers of the Levites: sanctify yourselves, both ye and your brethren, that ye may bring up the ark of the LORD God of Israel unto the place that I have prepared for it”, 1 Chronicles 15:12

The one thing that stands out in Exodus 19 is that God wants us to live a certain lifestyle. A life of consecration, a life of separation a sanctified life. As Worshippers who are set apart, called to carry and facilitate the presence of God on earth and in the place where we are, God requires us to come to live our lives in a certain way.

We see in Exodus 19, God actually instructing them to wash their clothes and their bodies to meet him on Mount Sinai. The washing of clothes and bodies was an symbolic act to teach them to be pure in heart, as they showed themselves outwardly clean by washing.

God has called us to a place of sanctification & purity. To be sanctified means to be clean (ceremonially or morally), to be set apart, to be exclusive

We all have different thrusts but by the same spirit, we all have different styles of leading, we all have different ways of leading but what’s keep is that we all do it based on what God has shown us we should live by. We all do not live life, pay the same price for all we do but truth is that they is place where God is calling us to start from whether worshippers, dancers, musicians, singer or just a congregate member.

We have been called out for a reason and each call on any person has a price but for us worshippers to be able to carry his presence and facilitate the move of God we will need to start living such a life. Yes you have sinned, you have fallen short of the glory of God, then ask God to clean you up and get back, we have work to do, to bring the face of Jesus to a suffocating world.

Where shall you start as worshipper, you need to set your house apart and it’s important. So that we can live a life that God has called us to. Take a moment and pray with me.

God I honor you and bless you for you are Good, at this juncture I pray that may you help me to spearing clean my life so that I can start to live for yo. Grant me the strength to move away from the things that are besetting me, the strength to leave wrong things and walk into a place of purity and sanctity so that I may be able to facilitate you in the space you have called me to, in Jesus Name. Amen


  1. Truly, this is perfect for EVERY CHRISTIAN, no wonder in the book of Joshua, he told the Israelites to “…consecrate yourselves!” for he knew only that passage of consecration can get them to the promised land deservingly! Blessed be His Holy name…:-)

    1. Its starts with us and not with him, when we choose to follow him then He makes the way but only until we move..

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