“I RECOGNIZE YOU!” Can You Believe It

Luke 22:56-60 (The Voice).

But a young servant girl saw his face in the firelight. She stared for a while and then spoke.

Servant Girl: This fellow here was with Jesus. I recognize him.

Peter (denying it):  Woman, I don’t even know he man.  A little later, a man also recognized him. Man: I recognize you. You’re one of Jesus’ followers.

Peter: Man, you’re wrong. I’m not.  An hour or so passed, and then another person pointed to Peter. Another Person: This fellow is obviously Galilean. He must be a member of Jesus’ group.

Peter:  Look, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

My post is going to be very brief, lest I “spoil the whole dough” (ahem! I mean the revelation).

Three different people recognized Peter…without a doubt! How can 3 people be so sure of one person? One thing is for sure: Peter has been with Jesus. No matter how much you try to hide, if your life is one soaked in His Presence, Jesus’ reflection will show forth without you having to work up a storm to make it visible.

SELF INTROSPECTION: When people see you, with whom do they recognize you? It is my prayer that this revelation will stir up hearts that want to “BE with Jesus.”

PPS: HOW DO WE DO THIS?  We may be old, but age is just a number. Jesus is looking for childlike faith, a teachable spirit the Father speaks of in Psalm 8:2(NLT): You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.” It was not a mistake that God chose children to teach them to tell of His strength – because while we see what we see with our eyes, God sees the purity of the heart – it’s that very heart He teaches HOW to worship Him!

Written by Guest Blogger Ndivhuwo Mitodzi

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