Growing Heart Of Worship 

“And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord ; and great shall be the peace of thy children”. Isaiah 54:13 KJV
I have always said that if Christianity was for robots it would be the most powerful force on earth but because emotions and feeling are involved it becomes a whole different story. Jesus said if we are to live our lives with the heart of child we always see the kingdom grow beyond it reach.
Children have an attitude, heart and qualities that if we as worshippers and worship leaders would emulate our hearts of worship and life as worship leader would change.

Children always carry a heart to learn, they are thirsty to just learn & they just soak like a sponge what they are being taught. Worship leaders we shouldn’t get to a place where we think we know it all, we have lost the heart, the plot of worship and the heart of service.
Sense of exploration

Children have this sense of adventure and exploration that we as adults have kinda lost. They have this ability to just wonder and they have the desire to see what they haven’t understood.
As worship leaders we need to have this sense of exploration into the things of God, this pays off more because we learn new things, we discover new territories unknown to us, we learn more about God in a place where we search and hunger for God. Search for me and I will be found.

Be corrected 

Children are just willing & ready. As worship leaders are we in a place to be corrected, can change and are we willing to change not just being able to stand with the mindset we have. As worship leaders can we take criticism from an ordinary church member, a pastor or deacon even a musician.


If children fail in something and you correct them they are not willing to be disciplined but they actually heed the discipline and they change to become better people.
How many of us are open to be disciplined and also the change the course of direction. Just think how it takes a long time for the tanker ship to turn 180 degrees than a small boat to change course 180 degrees.

Take Offense

When children are offended they quickly forgive and forget. They rarely take offense unlike older people who hold on to unforgiveness and one of the things that the present day church is struggling is with people who take offense.
Offense and unforgiveness is alike a stopper in the washing sink or bath tub it stops and blocks the flow because are holding on. Children release these things quickly but as worship leaders may we also learn to release and move on.
May our lives be in such a place where we are like children, where we are hungry and thirsty to learn and grow to see the kingdom of God.


  1. Psalm 8:2Living Bible (TLB)
    You have taught the little children to praise you perfectly. May their example shame and silence your enemies!

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