Back In The Game 2017

Its been a full year of not actively blogging on the site and how it came about was because I allowed the craziness of my life to stop me from blogging and by the time I realized what I had missed it was half way into the year and I decided to take a full year off the blog. One thing I didn’t expect was to realizing that my own spiritual growth was tied with running the blog, its that constant pursuit for new information searching that kept me thirsty & hungry for God and somehow I lost it on the process.

We are taught that when you are in a certain season, its good to take time off and reflect on the course you have taken but I’m realizing that for folks like me taking leave of the battlefront to chill doesn’t work, I like to be the there in the mix working and cracking open things because I’m not a sideline guy. It took me a while to realize the path that I had started walking and how empty I was and I didn’t see it worthwhile to write about things that I myself wasn’t even living in my own personal life.

With that said I look forward to a good year of blogging, encounters with God and by the way welcome to 2017 I’m #takingnoprisoners

Happy New Year to all you worshippers out there #letsdothis


  1. Happy new year Man Of God, #letsdothis

    1. Definitely lets do this…

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