Do You Know Where It All Came From?

The temple I am going to build will be great, because our God is greater than all other gods.

King Solomon mentions how he is going to build a great temple in honour of a Great God! King David was the one who initially wanted to build a temple in honour of God, however God did not allow him because of the blood on his hands. He then promised David that his offspring would build it instead and we see that coming to pass in the life of King Solomon
I picked up a number of lessons from this story that I pray God gives me the grace to communicate well…
1) King Solomon said he would build a great temple because his God was great. I believe he first had a clear perspective of God for him to receive that revelation of God. How big God is in your life is evident to yourself and others when we look at how excellently you handle matters on his behalf.
2) King David was not permitted to build the temple by God. Never take it for granted that God has given you the opportunity to do something for him. Never take it for granted that God has allowed you to worship in his house. What a privilege and honour that is. It is not because we are perfect or we have it altogether, it is grace. In this instance I believe King Solomon was enjoying the benefits of the relationship his father had with God, nothing of his doing.

Behind the scenes there could be a mother who earnestly prayed that God might use you to advance the kingdom, a father who laboured in prayer so that your life would not be wasted. I’m humbled by this thought and I’m left with nothing to boast about, just to yield my life to the will of God
3) The type of temple built was not a coincidence; King Solomon was intentional about the house of God he was going to build. As worshippers, I feel so strongly that we aught not to show up to a Sunday Service casually, be intentional in your worship. Make room for God to move in you and through you. Remember we cannot bring out anything new on stage that we haven’t experienced in the prayer closet.
4) What are you doing for God simply because he is God? King Solomon built a great temple for a great God, what is the “temple”, so to speak , that you have built in honor of your God?
Personally, even if God gives me the capacity to build a great structure for him, I feel its not enough. The greatest temple I can build for him is one, when complete that I will label “My Life, The Place Where God Lived” For me that is the best I can give God. Simply because He is God, he deserves my lifetime

Abby Mavunga

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