When Heaven Is Calling

When God eventually calls and We give so many excuses as to why it can not be us and why He would event think of choosing us as candidates in the first place.

Let’s Make It Happen

Its 2019  Its been over 3 years I guess since I last actually wrote a full article to actually upload on the website Its crazy that even in the season I never got a heart or even the passion to write anything or scribble notes down. My biggest challenge in life is becoming a hypocrite. We have people who speak, …

Time With Godfrey Kadzere

In this new episode we are having Time With Godfrey Kadzere a CHH musician and Creative Director talking about the base of worship and the place of brokeness in today worship.    

Time With Bongani Mhlabi – Talking Worship Leading

Kelvin Mutize spends Time With Bongani Mhlabi talking about, Worship Leading as a gift and what sets apart worship leaders from song leaders

Time With Sharon Siya – Gospel or Spiritual Music

Kelvin Mutize spends Time With Sharon Siya talking about writing music and sending it to the earth but being a gospel musician means to be able to carry God’s heart in our music. #tehillahworship

William McDowell – Sounds of Revival II

Pst William McDowell its crazy some people don’t know that he is full time pastor at Deeper Fellowship Church in Orlando Florida. This is William McDowell’s 5th album, 13 Tracks that just blend & carry a message of chasing after God & desiring a deeper place with God.  Some of the people to feature on the album are Israel Houghton, Tina …

Time with Antoinette Mabhena Talking Worship Lifestyle

Antoinette Mabhena talks about the one of the crucial things for a worshipper to have be able to effectively lead people to experience God

Misadventures of Fern and Marty (Social Club Misfits) – Album Review

Marty & Fern the duo who also go by the name Social Club Misfits, this is their 4th studio album since they got together back in 2011 and if you are a #CHH lover you will definitely know their songs.   The first time I heard of Marty and Fern was on twitter and it was about the new stuff …

Condition Of The Heart.

The bible was written as a mirror to us, to show us who we truly are and who we are when no one in watching. It’s the same place that God speaks to us from and shows us what he will do. A couple of days ago I bumped into this scripture and it brought me to a place of …

Time With Joseph Madziyire

Kelvin Mutize spends time with Joseph Madziyire the CEO of ZimPraise talking about the passion and purpose as a worshiper and music minister.